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Looking for continuous & sustainable growth? We’ve already helped businesses like yours generate $100+ million in revenue. Our WordPress SEO experts are ready to deliver the services required to grow your business.

Looking drive growth to your WordPress site?

That’s where we come in. Growth Partners’ DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ is designed to develop and optimise your WordPress online store to stimulate organic growth. 

We integrate your WordPress store with the rest of your marketing tech stack to ensure you have a complete view and ultimate control over your online presence.


Harvey Cottle

Operations Manager, SmartShelters

DigitalArchitect gave us clarity like we’ve never seen before. By understanding the size of our online opportunity for each of our industry sectors, we were able to make better decisions on where to invest with confidence. There’s been no question around strategy since.

DigitalArchitect has given us a strategy to create more leads than we thought was possible… and led to the best ever sales results in our 106 year history!

What is SEO for WordPress?

It is the process of making your WordPress website as ‘Google-friendly’ as possible, which improves your search visibility by pushing you up the rankings.

Increased visibility = increased traffic = increased sales.

Yoast SEO is the most common WordPress SEO plugin and using it can deliver a steady flow of customers, but only if you:

  • Rank higher than your competition.
  • Target the right keywords to get in front of the right users.
  • Engage customers who are early in their buyer journey (the Awareness and Consideration phases).
  • Attract customers who are ready to buy (the Transaction phase).

At Growth Partners we work to understand your competitors, your customers and your online presence, then craft a bespoke WordPress SEO strategy to suit.

A strategy that generates real sales, real growth and a real return on your marketing investment.

Kiwi Simulators

You enlightened us to a new way of looking at our business, and provided us with new skills with which to advance its development.

Our approach to SEO for WordPress

Your business focus may be on attracting customers who are ready to buy. But what about all those customers who are still making up their mind?:

  • The customer who has a problem or need but doesn’t know you or your solution exists.
  • The customer who is looking for what you sell but doesn’t know about your brand.
  • The customer who thinks they know what they need but does research on Google to check.
  • The customer who is comparing two similar products, one of which you sell.

This is the Growth Partners difference. By building content and shaping your online store to speak to customers in these Awareness and Consideration stages, we are able to create a significant, consistent flow of warm, high-quality leads.

We are WordPress SEO experts with a difference: our complete commitment to business growth.

Our WordPress SEO services

Keyword research

Our deep research uncovers how potential customers search for your products or services online, as well as their needs, desires and pain points at every stage of the customer journey.

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ROI projection

Our data-driven approach will identify the market opportunity and forecast what you stand to gain if you invest in SEO for Shopify.

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Performance analysis

How fast does your website load? Are people bouncing off particular pages? Is it mobile friendly? Our performance analysis identifies and fixes these issues.

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Information architecture

Your website structure should be simple for both visitors and Google to navigate. We analyse your site architecture to ensure it is easy for users to get around and for Google to pull information from.

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Content gap analysis

Answer the questions that your customers are asking to become the provider of choice. We’ll identify and fill content gaps throughout the Awareness, Consideration and Transaction phases.

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Competitor analysis

We identify your main online competitors, compare your online presence to theirs, and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to reveal the biggest opportunities. The goal: to get you ahead.

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Sell more on WordPress.

WordPress can attract almost limitless customers. We help you tap that potential.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is the world’s most popular website building and hosting tool. Approximately 43% of all websites, and 64% of CMS-powered websites, use WordPress.

The popularity of WordPress is in its functionality and adaptability.

The challenge is in making the most of the wealth of functionality that WordPress offers. All users, including many of your competitors, have access to the same WordPress tools that you do. To grow you need to use them in better, faster and smarter ways.

WordPress does indeed offer SEO functionality in the form of tools and plug-ins like Yoast SEO and Woocommerce optimisation. The problem? Like all standard tools, these offer limited functionality and are utilised by the majority of WordPress users.

To outperform your competitors in SEO you need to optimise more effectively than them, which is difficult when you’re using the same tools. True growth through SEO is only possible if you bring a different, data-driven approach backed by proprietary tools and delivered by experts… like Growth Partners’ DigitalArchitect.

SEO is more important to an online store than it is to almost any other type of business. Why? Because most online purchase journeys begin on Google. If you don’t rank highly for relevant keywords, customers will buy from competitors who do.

When WordPress SEO is done well, however, you’ll direct a strong and consistent stream of high-quality leads to your website – people who are actively searching for exactly what you offer. You don’t even have to pay Google for the pleasure.

SEO is important for WordPress stores because Google is important for WordPress stores – a fact made plain when you look at the stats:

  • 90% of web traffic originates from search engines and 90% of that comes from Google.
  • Fewer than 10% of Google searches get to page two. 25% of users have NEVER reached page two.
  • Moving up a spot can potentially triple your revenue – the #1 result gets 33% of clicks, #2 gets 12.5%.

SEO is important. But as with many important investments it can also prove complex and confusing… unless you choose Growth Partners.

DigitalArchitect will outline the return you can expect from an investment in our WordPress SEO services.

DigitalArchitect is a proprietary system that quantifies your WordPress SEO investment by determining the business case. We’ll reveal your place in the market, the size of your opportunity, and even give you a three-year ROI projection.

We align your website with customer search behaviours, using data as our guiding light. This leads to a higher ranking, more visitors, and ultimately more sales.

No matter whether you use a Woocommerce strategy or tools such as SEO Elementor or Yoast WordPress tools and plugins, we’ll transform and enhance your approach by putting the focus on growth.

We partner with businesses who see marketing not as a cost centre, but as a revenue generator. DigitalArchitect works best for privately-owned businesses with turnovers of $3M-$50M who are looking for multi-million dollar growth.

If that describes you, and if you run a WordPress store – whether as your primary business or as an extension of your brick and mortar business – we’d be excited to show you what we can do.

As our case studies show, we’ve helped a wide array of companies, from large multinationals to family-owned operations, to enhance their online presence. If your business is looking to gain a competitive edge, we’re ready to deliver it

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