Excel in your space with in-depth competitor insights

To beat your competition, you need insight on your competition: who they are, their strengths, and any weaknesses you can exploit. We deliver just that.

Gain insights, take action, win business

By gaining insights into who your major competitors are and how their approach differs from your own, you can identify ways to replicate their successes, capitalise on their shortcomings and gain an ever greater slice of the customer pie.

At Growth Partners, we combine competitor insight strategies with proprietary systems and technologies to clearly outline where your organisation sits in the market and how to grow your share.

Moniek Haan

Digital Marketing Program Manager, Medtronic

Growth Partners has always been our reliable support in disclosing new insights we can use to improve our business’ online presence and messaging. Expect high quality data that could reveal the unexpected!

What are competitor insights?

Built on deep research and analysis – and targeting both direct and indirect competitors – competitor insights are nuggets of actionable information that can be used to take business from your opponents and grow your market share.

The insights can relate to specific companies or the industry that you work within, and can cover products and services, sales and marketing strategies, operational approaches and more.

Many businesses don’t bother to gain competitor insights, often because they don’t know where to start. And it’s true that the research required to generate these insights can be difficult. Unless you’re familiar with SEO and the Google landscape, it’s difficult to answer questions such as:

  • What keywords is competitor A ranking for within Google?
  • Who are your online competitors and what percentage of the market do they own?
  • How are your competitors stealing your leads and taking a cut of your revenue?

Good news: at Growth Partners we know how to get this information. What’s more, when few businesses generate competitor insights their value increases, and we can ensure you realise every bit of that value in a surprisingly simple and streamlined way.

Colleen Fakalogotoa

Chief Executive, Family Success Matters

Mal of Growth Partners has been helping us design and test a pathway forward with a new service to the community. Mal has been focused, and developed the work to enable clear decision making from the board, come up with new ideas and timely advice. We have enjoyed working with Growth Partners.

Gain a complete view of your competitors

At Growth Partners we take a data-driven approach to competitor insights through our DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ. We use quantitative data (the hard numbers) to analyse your competition, draw insights and offer strategic recommendations.

  • We pick the most relevant competitors to analyse – both the more obvious ‘direct’ examples and the ‘indirect’ competitors if they perform strongly enough to warrant analysis.
  • We identify the most important areas of analysis and comparison.
  • We know where to find the necessary data, which we collect, organise and analyse.
  • We develop a suite of strategic recommendations based on the insights to ensure you capture market share from your competitors.

The benefits of a competitive insights strategy

Competitor analysis and insight form a key pillar of DigitalArchitect. A proprietary system offering competitive insight, it is designed to formulate the strategy you need to achieve continuous, sustainable business growth and drive long-term success.

There are a wealth of benefits that come with using competitor insights to develop a growth strategy, including:

  • Revealing areas in which your competitors have an advantage, and working to meet and eventually exceed their strengths.
  • Understanding areas in which your competitors are lacking, and capitalising on these weaknesses.
  • Uncovering underserved market segments and gaps between customer needs and competitor offerings.
  • Establishing benchmarks against which you can measure future growth.

Competitor insights examples

As part of DigitalArchitect, we offer a complete suite of competitor insight services, from gaining a holistic view with competitive landscape analysis, to focusing in on specific (and critical) aspects of your business.

Sales insights

Today, the sales funnel is more like a maze: every customer takes a different path to purchase, and the average journey features 6-8 touchpoints. We analyse how your competitors are engaging with prospects during the Awareness, Consideration and Transaction stages of a user's journey. Compare them to yours, and use our insights to recommend improvements.

Learn more

Marketing insights

We use competitor benchmarking to understand how your marketing reach and engagement compares to that of your competitors, then identify areas where you can get ahead.

learn more

Competitive SEO insights

We conduct SEO analysis to draw insights on underserved keywords and optimisation strategies that will see you rise above your competitors on the search engine results page (SERP).

Learn More

SEM insights

We use quantitative data to identify the most effective Google Ads keywords, to ensure you make the most of the opportunity presented by pay per click (PPC) advertising.

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Competitor insights

We use a complete suite of tools and proprietary processes to draw comprehensive competitive insights, arming you with a clear, holistic and insightful view of your current market position and the ways in which it can be improved.

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Unlock endless insights to gain the edge on your competition

Looking for multi-million dollar growth? Competitor Insights forms a key part of our holistic DigitalArchitect, which has already generated $100+ million in revenue for businesses just like yours.


Most businesses are well aware of their direct competitors – those that sell similar products and services to a similar target market and often in a similar location. However, with the rise of the digital marketplace, you may have direct competitors of which you are simply unaware. They may be silently taking your market share without you even knowing.

But there is another, often overlooked opponent: indirect competitors.

Indirect competitors may not have the same type of business as you, but they compete for the attention of the same type of consumer.

Think of the diet industry. Weight Watchers is in direct competition with the likes of Light n’ Easy and Jenny Craig, but it is also in indirect competition with McDonald’s, as many customers will battle the temptation of a Big Mac over a microwaved ready meal every night.

Truly transformative competitor insights, like those generated by our DigitalArchitect system, take indirect competitors (and a host of other factors that are often ignored) into account, and offer actionable ways to mitigate their impact.

Your business, your competitors and your market are always evolving. The process of generating competitor insights should therefore never be considered ‘complete’.

That said, some insights should be generated more frequently than others. Pricing and marketing insights should be generated more regularly than less volatile examples like broad market insights.

When generated in the right way, competitor insights are some of the most valuable pieces of information at a business’s disposal. At Growth Partners, our data-driven competitor insights form an integral part of the DigitalArchitect system, which builds your business case for continuous, sustainable growth.

Our competitor insights will:

  • Identify your major direct and indirect competitors.
  • Uncover the most successful strategies of your most successful competitors.
  • Reveal competitor weaknesses and offer insights into how to exploit them.
  • Reveal extensive market opportunities.
  • Help to develop your roadmap for future growth.

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