Maximize your budget with a comprehensive Google Ads audit

Google Ads gets your business in front of the right eyes at the right time, generating visibility, leads, sales and growth. But are you generating the maximum possible return? Our Google advertising audits can help you drive efficiency from your budget and more leads for your sales team.

Why is a Google Ads audit important?

Google Ads is a unique marketing tool in that it can instantly put your brand, product or service in front of a customer who, in that exact moment, is eager to buy.

Over 81.5% of Aussies search for products and services online. Over 76.8% buy online. And while many people believe that people become blind to Google Ads, the truth is that paid search drives more than a quarter of all trackable website traffic and results in millions of direct sales.

Google Ads instantly puts you at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), a spot that takes a lot of patience and investment to achieve through SEO. What’s more, search marketing:

  • Is very cost-effective (thanks to PPC – pay per click).
  • Is the fastest way to attract a targeted audience to your site and test whether a
    product/service sells.
  • Facilitates retargeting.
  • Combines and integrates well with other digital marketing channels


SEM/SEO Management Team

Growth Partners constantly looked for the next opportunity to improve our organic rankings across a range of verticals, often finding small, undiscovered issues & opportunities that made a significant impact.

A new approach to Google Ads auditing

Understanding the nature of your market, the nuances of your audience and the effectiveness of your current Google Ads approach are the keys to improving your paid search efforts.

The Growth Partners DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ brings a combination of the most innovative and proven Google Ads audit strategies and our own proprietary technologies to the table. We use these tools and techniques to offer up a wealth of recommendations that will enhance your Google Ads performance. We’ll help you to understand how Google Ads-friendly your current approach is, the quick wins that you can enjoy right now, the broader opportunities that are within reach and any issues that may stand in your way.

We not only review Google Ads strategy, we analyse every aspect of your approach, including conducting a Google Adwords account audit, a Google Shopping audit and more.

At Growth Partners we know that Google Ads alone isn’t the answer to the question of business growth. It is however a key tool in your toolkit. By combining Google Ads with a number of other tools, each effective in its own way, we create a growth strategy that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Customer Stories – Hot Spring Spas

Decreased cost of acquisition by 40% whilst exceeding growth targets with a data-driven approach. 

The results: 

  • 53% increase in website visitors 
  • 71% increase in organic visitors 
  • More leads with a better qualified buyer

The Growth Partners difference

Why choose Growth Partners for your Google Ads audit? Because we treat it as more than a simple audit. It is instead delivered as part of DigitalArchitect, our data-driven and uniquely effective system for business growth.

By conducting your audit through the lens of growth, we deliver a suite of deep, innovative and actionable insights. A Growth Partners Google Ads audit:

  • Is deep and meaningful: Where most agencies use a basic yes/no Google Ads audit checklist, we use hard numbers to deliver analysis with real depth.
  • Offers a clearer customer view: We are unique in using multiple keyword research sources. This means we can paint a far more accurate picture of customer behaviour, from personas to intent, to inform your ongoing Google Ads strategy.
  • Prioritises impact: Our Google Ads audit considers impact versus effort. This ensures we focus the resulting roadmap on the most effective strategies with the greatest ROI.
  • Delivers quick wins: We prioritise quick wins that make real impact, then tackle the deeper issues and longer-term opportunities.
  • Seeks to reduce cost of acquisition: At Growth Partners, we don’t worry about vanity metrics so while it is great to see clicks trending upwards, we focus on the bottom line.

Our Google Ads audits and subsequent strategy development have proven incredibly successful for a wide range of clients across industries, with many seeing double digit growth within just six months.

Enhance your Google Ads approach today

Looking for continuous, sustainable growth? Google Ads forms a key part of our holistic strategies, which have already generated $100+ million in revenue for businesses just like yours.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads can be seen as two sides of the same search marketing coin. The first is organic, the second is paid, but both have the same aim: to get your business displayed at the top of the SERP for relevant queries.

A strategy that combines SEO and Google Ads can:

  • Maximise your SERP coverage: By displaying as both a paid and an organic result, your brand will be hard to miss and your authority with the audience will quickly build.
  • Generate deep keyword insights: Effective search marketing demands good data, and plenty of it. Instant feedback from Google Ads helps you to identify effective keywords sooner, which you can then use in your SEO strategy.
  • Optimise performance analysis: By measuring the performance of Google Ads against SEO, you can gather insight into what is and isn’t working and optimise faster.

At Growth Partners we don’t see Google Ads as a standalone strategy, nor even as one side of a coin. It is instead a vital cog in the growth machine – a tool that we can use to enhance our larger effort.

Google enjoys a market share of well over 90% in Australia. In terms of the other main search engine, Bing, the most popular search term used in Bing is ‘Google’. This means that the vast majority of your potential customers use Google to find what you sell.

Google Ads is an instant, accessible and cost-effective way to reach that audience, making it perfect for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to corner stores.

To ignore Google Ads is to hand potential customers directly to your competitors. For this fact alone it is vital for every business, and that’s before you consider how efficient, effective and impactful this marketing tool can be.

Search marketing is one of the most customisable and cost-effective digital marketing strategies. Your investment can be whatever you’re comfortable with, though the greater the investment, the greater the potential reward.

The cost per click (CPC) can vary greatly, particularly between industries. If the average order value or conversion rate for a keyword is high, people are willing to bid more to secure it. Your budget must reflect the realities of your industry

At Growth Partners our Google Ads audit can reveal how effective your current bid strategy is, and how it can be improved in a way that minimises cost and maximises the number and value of clicks. And by viewing Google Ads as part of a holistic, multi-channel approach, we are perfectly placed to identify opportunities that your competitors have missed.

The DigitalArchitect is a proprietary system that quantifies the investment in your online presence, including Google Ads, by determining the business case. We’ll reveal your place in the market, the size of your opportunity, and even give you a three-year ROI projection.

We align your online presence, from Google Ads to your website, with customer search behaviours, using data as our guiding light. This leads to more brand awareness, more website and landing page visitors, and ultimately more sales.

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