How do you review a website?

Humans are visual creatures. This is why when it comes to their website, the primary concern for most organisations is aesthetics. “Make it look beautiful/professional/sleek/fun,” they say, with little regard for anything else.

But by focusing too much on the superficial, performance tends to fall by the wayside.

What is a website audit?        

For websites, poor performance means that you won’t earn a high ranking on Google, which in turn means far fewer site visitors. While you’ve put all this effort into making something beautiful, you’ve forgotten to invite the audience. But there is a rather simple way to rectify this situation and ensure your website performs.

Enter the art of website auditing – a way to analyse the current performance of your website and identify areas of improvement. Website audits like Growth Partners’ Website Performance Analysis identify the technical improvements that will turn your website into a sales or lead generation machine.

If you are unsure if you website is performing to the best of its ability, contact us to a free consultation.


Jack Papworth

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