Optimise your website with a strong SEO strategy

The maths of Google are simple: the higher you rank for relevant terms, the more business you’ll win. Our SEO strategies are built to deliver these highly relevant, high ranking results.

Why is SEO strategy important?

Most businesses are now well aware of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO): 90% of your customers use the internet to find products and services, with 90% of all search traffic directed through Google.

With up to 95% of web traffic going to sites on the first page of Google, and the vast majority of clicks going to the top two results, getting to the top is every website owner’s goal. Most businesses also recognise the importance of strategy in SEO. A solid plan can help you make sense of this broad, complex and ever-changing field. It will also ensure that you stay on track for the long-term, as white hat SEO takes effect over the course of months, not days or weeks.

What most businesses don’t understand, however, is the difference between effective SEO strategy and ineffective SEO strategy. The answer is simple: an effective SEO campaign is built on research and focused on growth.

Harvey Cottle

Operations Manager, SmartShelters

DigitalArchitect gave us clarity like we’ve never seen before. By understanding the size of our online opportunity for each of our industry sectors, we were able to make better decisions on where to invest with confidence. There’s been no question around strategy since.

DigitalArchitect has given us a strategy to create more leads than we thought was possible… and led to the best ever sales results in our 106 year history!

SEO, but not as you know it

Making your website Google-friendly means driving more traffic and growing your business. As such you need to optimise your site for relevant and impactful search queries that drive brand awareness and sales.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is perhaps the most important marketing investment a modern business can make. At Growth Partners we ensure yours is a wise one.

SEO success demands a holistic approach that considers website optimisation as part of a broader digital marketing strategy – one focused on business growth. Growth Partners DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ offers exactly that.

We aren’t an SEO agency – we’re a growth agency. This means that we don’t view SEO in a vacuum.

We conduct deep keyword research that reveals the keywords and phrases that your target audience uses through the Awareness, Consideration and Transaction phases of the buying journey. We then develop a strategy that gets you ranking higher for the search terms that your customers actually use.

Kelly Fairhurst

General Manager, HR Profiling Solutions

We noticed an almost immediate increase in leads. The amount of leads continued to increase, to the point of overwhelming our sales manager which enabled us to employ another team member in a sales support role. With the expertise from the Growth Partners team our leads are still increasing and becoming even more qualified. We are beyond ecstatic with the growth we have experienced.

How we deliver SEO strategies

Built using Growth Partners’ DigitalArchitect, our SEO and digital marketing strategies are data-driven, growth-focused, elegant and effective. They include:

  • Strategy mapping: Where do you hope to go? What do you hope to achieve?
  • Research and analysis: Our approach is objective, comprehensive and data-driven.
  • Direction: We guide you through the realisation of your SEO strategy.
  • Results: We track progress toward your goals and celebrate when you reach them.

Growth Partners: the name says it all. Where many SEO agencies use questionable, unsustainable and ineffective tactics, we build a foundation for growth then use proven, long-term, proprietary strategies to realise it.

DigitalArchitect identifies what will make your business grow then uses these insights to develop your growth strategy, amongst which is a dedicated plan for SEO.

Our approach can be summarised in five steps:

  1. Gather and analyse information.
  2. Provide insights that provide clarity.
  3. Discover and evaluate new opportunities.
  4. Formulate strategy and prioritise plans.
  5. Enjoy the results: business growth.

What does a Growth Partners SEO strategy include?

SEO audit

Gain clarity on how to improve your online presence and grow your business.

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Keyword research

Our deep research uncovers how potential customers search for your products or services online, as well as their needs, desires and pain points at every stage of the customer journey.

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Technical SEO

A key component of a comprehensive strategic approach to gaining market share.

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ROI projection

Our data-driven approach will identify the market opportunity and forecast what you stand to gain if you invest in SEO for Shopify.

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Performance analysis

How fast does your website load? Are people bouncing off particular pages? Is it mobile friendly? Our performance analysis identifies and fixes these issues.

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Off-site SEO

If trustworthy, relevant and authoritative sites are linking to you, you’re probably trustworthy, relevant and authoritative too. We use white-hat tactics to systematically acquire these all-important ‘backlinks’.

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Information architecture

Your website structure should be simple for both visitors and Google to navigate. We analyse your site architecture to ensure it is easy for users to get around and for Google to pull information from.

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Content gap analysis

Answer the questions that your customers are asking to become the provider of choice. We’ll identify and fill content gaps throughout the Awareness, Consideration and Transaction phases.

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Competitor analysis

We identify your main online competitors, compare your online presence to theirs, and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to reveal the biggest opportunities. The goal: to get you ahead.

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Enhance your SEO strategy today

Looking for multi-million dollar growth? SEO strategy forms a key part of our holistic DigitalArchitect, which has already generated $100+ million in revenue for businesses just like yours.


Organisations are often tempted to develop their own SEO strategies, perhaps driven by a desire to cut costs or because they believe no one knows their business, needs and customers better than they do.

But this is a mistake:

  • SEO strategy is a broad and complex discipline. While you might know your business inside out, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the highly tuned set of skills that SEO strategy demands.
  • There are other benefits to bringing in an expert, such as gaining an objective third-party view of your situation and avoiding organisational blind spots.
  • SEO shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but an investment – and one that offers incredible
    ROI. It is traditionally the lowest cost of acquisition channel in your marketing mix. This is particularly the case when it is delivered as part of a broader growth strategy like DigitalArchitect.

Broadly speaking SEO strategies can be placed in two groups: white hat and black hat.

White hat SEO strategies improve your ranking while maintaining the quality, integrity and trustworthiness of your website. These strategies are above-board, done by the book, and have no negative effects on your online reputation.

Black hat SEO strategies aim to improve your ranking (though often do the opposite) by gaming the system. They use untoward and often outright banned tactics to artificially place a website higher on the SERP. Keyword stuffing, page swapping and the use of invisible text
are examples of black hat SEO.

It’s critical that your business avoid any agency that utilises black hat tactics, as it can result in your site being deindexed by Google.

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