Years of experience, distilled into a single product

After years of working within digital and experiencing the same frustrations that customers do, we developed a way of removing the confusion that surrounds digital marketing, replacing it with data, clarity, purpose and an actionable growth plan.

Welcome to our DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ – your pathway to continuous, sustainable growth.

What is DigitalArchitect?

DigitalArchitect is a proprietary system that uses deep data to determine the strength of your business case for a digital marketing investment.

We will show you the size of the opportunity in the online marketplace, where you currently sit within that market, how you compare to your competitors, the pages needed to engage with your prospective customer and the optimal website structure to compete effectively.

There are seven main focus points within DigitalArchitect:

  • How prospective customers are searching online for your products or services
  • How your current website and content strategy aligns with the actual search behaviour of prospective customers
  • Determining the size of your active online audience – and the extent of your digital opportunity
  • The pages required to engage with prospective customers
  • Identification of your online competitors – and how you measure against them
  • The website structure required to acquire market penetration
  • A three-year sales revenue projection which will indicate the strength of your business case to move forward

DigitalArchitect contains all the data, insights and strategy you need to assist you take the best next steps on your growth journey.

Todd Stephenson

Director, Patient Engagement & Experience, Johnson & Johnson

It was a pleasure to work with Growth Partners. The depth of their research into user search behaviour was eye-opening. Over 4M data points were identified and analysed and yet they managed to distill large amounts of data into easy to digest and actionable insight.

We now have a clear pathway to increase customer engagement and build a trusted voice with more of our ideal audience. I would recommend Growth Partners to any business who wish to improve their online performance.

Who is DigitalArchitect designed for?

We work closely with businesses with turnovers of $3M-$100M, who sell in B2B or high-price point B2C environments and who have a desire for multimillion dollar growth.

Achieving such growth is not easy. Often – and you may be able to relate to this – your previous marketing strategies may not have worked, you’ve found digital marketing a minefield or choices or the strategies you have tried haven’t resulted in you finding the new customers required to take your business forward.

In the majority of cases those new, quality customers are out there, already searching for solutions to their needs, problems or challenges.

That’s where DigitalArchitect comes in. It is designed to determine where those customers are, what they are searching for and how they go about finding a business to help them.

This complex work, which uses Growth Partners’ proprietary methodology and advanced industry tools, will answer the most critical question:

What is the strength of the business case for investing in an online marketing strategy?

Harvey Cottle

Operations Manager, SmartShelters

DigitalArchitect gave us clarity like we’ve never seen before. By understanding the size of our online opportunity for each of our industry sectors, we were able to make better decisions on where to invest with confidence. There’s been no question around strategy since.

DigitalArchitect has given us a strategy to create more leads than we thought was possible… and led to the best ever sales results in our 106 year history!

Remove guesswork and assumptions from your digital strategy

In our view, growth starts with clarity. Everything you do online should be based on strategy rather than guesswork. Yet it is not enough to just do a quick bit of keyword research and be underway.

Data must be wide enough and accurate enough to be truly meaningful.

Data alone does not equal strategy.

A successful digital strategy needs to be built on both quality data and insights that come from hard-won experience.

The team at Growth Partners have the methodology, expertise and strategy to help you generate continuous, sustainable growth.

DigitalArchitect allows you to clearly understand the strength of your business case for digital transformation.

Our Digital Transformation Services

Growth Plan

Implementing the insights from DigitalArchitect, Growth Plan builds on the foundation laid during WebSmart. It is a customised set of complex monthly work by our skilled team that assists towards business growth.

A major focus of Growth Plan is to attract your ideal customers and increase your visibility in the marketplace - a key component of digital transformation.

Learn More


Traditional website builds tend to focus on look and feel. Content is written from a sales perspective. WebSmart builds sites that are lead generation and sales machines, featuring content that focuses on what the customer wants to know.

WebSmart is an effective way to construct a high-performance, customer-centric website. And by using data-driven insights from DigitalArchitect, your online discoverability and sales funnel efficiency will skyrocket.

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The benefits of DigitalArchitect ​​

  • Understand the size of your online opportunity relative to your key products and services
  • Know your current online market share relative to your key competitors
  • Know where to invest your marketing dollar to get the best returns
  • Identify why your current website isn’t generating the leads you desire.
  • Providing a clear pathway to growth, starting with an optimal website structure.

Not all content is created equal. Research shows that over 90% of content is never viewed by prospective customers. The result is that many companies:

  • Burn money on bad marketing campaigns and/or content
  • Increase their cost of sale
  • Fail to attract or be discovered by new customers
  • Focus purely on transactional keywords and ignore keywords that build brand awareness and preference in Awareness and Consideration

Our comprehensive evaluation of your current digital content allows us to clearly understand how well it is aligned with the needs of your customer. This gives us insights to understand:

  • How relevant your content is to your target audience – and whether it puts new potential customers at the heart of the conversation
  • The extent to which you will be discovered by ideal customers that are actively searching for your products or services
  • How to create higher engagement with your content assets
  • How to improve lead quality with greater sales conversion
  • The steps required to eliminate internal friction and focus on your customers
  • How to increase your return on your investment

Just like a race car, there are a number of technical aspects to your website that affect performance. Our technical SEO analysis uses proprietary tools to identify these elements so that we clearly understand the work required to turn your website into a finely tuned sales machine and attract more of your ideal customers. We:

  • Identify the technical issues that preventing Google and other search engines from actively sending relevant customers to your website
  • Understand the technical improvements that will make a real difference to your rankings and the user experience
  • Discover weaknesses in your website in key areas such as page speed, web design, UX, content and much more. Each area is given a score and prioritised to understand recommended changes.

Most websites are not set up with the customer at the heart of the conversation or aligned with modern search behaviour. As a result these websites are limited by what they can achieve in digital channels and is likely why your sales team are frustrated by the number of leads your website generates.

Our proposed website structure is based on actual search behaviour relevant to your products and services with content aligned to customer behaviour at all stages of the buyer journey.

This is the source of frustration for many businesses. They often see competitors ranking for keywords that describe the very product or service they offer themselves.

DigitalArchitect will compare your market share against your competitors across key content categories.

  • Identify your primary online competitors
  • Understand their market share relative to your own 
  • Be aware of the risks and identify competitors’ online behaviour and emerging threats
  • Recognise their strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities to cost-effectively grow market share.‍

We provide a projection of potential revenue streams through our proprietary GrowthCast, a predictive forecasting tool to evaluate the strength of the business case. This is based on Growth Partners implementing the formulated strategy and the potential outcomes that would be generated over a three-year period. This potential revenue is based on either a conservative, moderate or aggressive growth plan.

DigitalArchitect lets you sleep easier.

In short, it’s the best digital decision your business will ever make. We have already generated $100+ million in revenue for businesses just like yours.

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