Utilise engaging copywriting for SEO

Business success is built upon communicating your message clearly and compellingly, making quality copy the engine that drives business growth.

The power of compelling copy

Quality website copy is like having a top salesperson working 24/7. It does the hard work for you, engaging the audience, then clearly communicating why your product, service or brand represents the best possible choice.

Compelling copywriting assists at every stage of the customer journey:

  • Awareness: By crafting blog and marketing copy that solves problems faced by your target audience, you can get your brand in front of relevant eyes while positioning you as a leader in your field.
  • Consideration: Between blog, marketing and website copy, you can put forward a compelling case as to why your offering is the right choice for them – and not your competitors. Great copy does the selling for you.
  • Transaction: When the time comes to buy, good website copy will lead the customer seamlessly towards the purchase process, making it pain-free and enjoyable, and generating return business.

While great copy can generate leads, convert customers and promote loyalty, the effects of bad copy can be just as pronounced. Potential customers will at best feel uninspired to act, and at worst feel actively turned off by the way you present yourself.

In short, an investment in copywriting represents one of the wisest and most valuable a modern organisation can make.

Mark Dawson

Director, Performance Marketing, Siteminder

We’ve been working with Sam & the team at Growth Partners for almost a year now, & we’re thoroughly impressed with the level of expertise within the team & their dedication to understanding our business, our objectives, & collaborating with us to achieve great results across both Little Hotelier, & now SiteMinder. Sam & the team understand SEO inside out, & having worked with Sam for a number of years I have a huge amount of respect & trust for the way he & the team work & their level of expertise in this area.

Since engaging with Growth Partners we’ve seen strong improvements in our web traffic globally, as well as incremental lead growth from the new pages & topics we’ve published content around, & improvements in our rankings across key terms. The team are producing relevant content at a rapid pace, & have worked closely with us to align our ways of working & processes to achieve results quickly.

Our approach to copywriting

At Growth Partners we bring a deep understanding of how good copywriting can enhance your brand’s online presence, as well as the expertise to plan, craft and capitalise on it.

We utilise a combination of innovative copy strategy and our own proprietary technologies to help you maximise ROI. Through Growth Partners’ DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ, our approach to copywriting is uniquely data-driven. We give our clients market-leading content briefs with clear content calendars all with continuous, sustainable growth in mind. Our creative copywriters then add art to this science.

To create engaging content we need to understand your differentiators, how to position your brand, and what is likely to resonate with your customers. By conducting deep research on your target audience we gain a thorough understanding of the questions they’re seeking answers to, and the ways in which they’d like that information to be delivered.

90% of online content is never read. We want to ensure that your messaging is in the 10%.

Todd Stephenson

Director, Patient Engagement & Experience, Johnson & Johnson

It was a pleasure to work with Growth Partners. The depth of their research into user search behaviour was eye-opening. Over 4M data points were identified and analysed and yet they managed to distill large amounts of data into easy to digest and actionable insight.

We now have a clear pathway to increase customer engagement and build a trusted voice with more of our ideal audience. I would recommend Growth Partners to any business who wish to improve their online performance.

What copywriting services do we offer?

Content planning

Content planning is the quantitative and qualitative research that identifies popular topics, target audience interest levels, seasonal trends and more. We create and plan content that engages with users at peak times, guiding our efforts with carefully crafted buyer personas.

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Website copywriting

No words offer greater potential for business growth than those found on your website. They should put you in the best light, compel visitors to act (direct response copywriting), and reflect your brand. Our data-driven approach and copywriting expertise ensures your web copy does all that while pushing you up the Google rankings through SEO.

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Marketing/sales copy

The goal of marketing copy is to sell, but there are many different ways to achieve this end: landing pages, Google Ads, social media posts, brochures, whitepapers and more. Our talented marketing copywriters will craft copy in your brand’s voice to meet specific objectives.

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Blog copy

Strategically planned and carefully crafted blog content helps you to cast your net wider than ever before, and attract more customers than ever before, by ranking for more relevant queries. It also positions you as an authority, a thought leader, and a brand that is worthy of trust. We identify the questions your target audience is asking and speak directly to them.

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Find copy that engages with your users

Looking for multi-million dollar growth? Our clients have already generated $100+ million in revenue for businesses just like yours. 


Compelling, search engine optimised copy helps you reach a larger, more relevant audience, and encourages that audience to choose your business.

It starts a feedback loop that can lead to serious business growth: ranking blog copy attracts more visitors, who explore your site via internal links, which makes non-blog pages more authoritative and which ultimately enhances the Google ranking of your primary pages.

But not all copy is created equal. This feedback loop can only be triggered by high quality copywriting for SEO that has been carefully crafted for the right audience. The copy needs to speak to the needs, wants and issues that affect your target market.

That is exactly what the Growth Partners DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ has been designed to deliver.

The term ‘copy’ simply describes the written text a business uses to sell its products, its services and itself. These words can be delivered via a number of mediums, including:

  • Your website: UX copywriting and copywriting for SEO, web pages and landing pages, content copywriting such as blogs.
  • Third-party sites: Ad copy, guest blog posts on other sites.
  • As downloadable materials: Website downloads or emails and direct message attachments, such as whitepapers and ebooks.

A lead generator is a piece of content designed to capture the contact information of potential customers.

High-quality copy can be seen as a bartering tool – you can trade an educational and/or entertaining blog, whitepaper or ebook for the contact details of those who see value in it. You can then add these warm leads to your database and market directly to them.

At Growth Partners we conduct deep research to understand the questions that your audience is asking, then use that intel to write the most compelling lead gen copy possible.

Our DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ is the secret behind our clients’ successes. We use deep, data-driven research to form a clear blueprint for digital growth, developing copy based on the following insights:

  • The ways in which your top competitors are engaging with your target market.
  • How to use these insights to talk with customers who often don’t know you exist.
  • How to generate more leads for your sales team.
  • How to grow your market share.
  • How to stop wasting money on content that your customers aren’t interested in.
  • What your website should look like to maximise engagement with prospective customers.
  • How to maximise your growth potential.
  • The ROI you can expect from your digital marketing investment.

In short, we bring clarity to all things digital marketing.

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