Mark Dawson

Director, Performance Marketing, Siteminder

We’ve been working with Sam & the team at Growth Partners for almost a year now, & we’re thoroughly impressed with the level of expertise within the team & their dedication to understanding our business, our objectives, & collaborating with us to achieve great results across both Little Hotelier, & now SiteMinder. Sam & the team understand SEO inside out, & having worked with Sam for a number of years I have a huge amount of respect & trust for the way he & the team work & their level of expertise in this area.

Since engaging with Growth Partners we’ve seen strong improvements in our web traffic globally, as well as incremental lead growth from the new pages & topics we’ve published content around, & improvements in our rankings across key terms. The team are producing relevant content at a rapid pace, & have worked closely with us to align our ways of working & processes to achieve results quickly.

Aaron Sampson

General Manager, Hot Spring

The return on investment has been phenomenal.

We’re spending half the money we used to spend but we’re seeing better results.

Amelia Hansen

Head of Marketing, Maple Community Services

Maple Community Services has been working with Growth Partners for close to 18 months now and we are impressed with the level of professionalism, innovation, and dedication they emanate.

The Team has been of great support, providing fantastic levels of service across digital insights, SEO delivery and maintenance, industry knowledge and best practice techniques to ensure success across the board.  Through their assistance, we have seen exponential growth through our online presence, achieving close to 250% and 900% increase on organic engagement and ROI respectively.

Growth Partners has played an exponential role in positioning Maple Community Services as a strong competitive player in the Digital Space, and we would recommend them to any company looking to utilise advanced digital engagement in their growth strategies.

Todd Stephenson

Director, Patient Engagement & Experience, Johnson & Johnson

It was a pleasure to work with Growth Partners. The depth of their research into user search behaviour was eye-opening. Over 4M data points were identified and analysed and yet they managed to distill large amounts of data into easy to digest and actionable insight.

We now have a clear pathway to increase customer engagement and build a trusted voice with more of our ideal audience. I would recommend Growth Partners to any business who wish to improve their online performance.

Harvey Cottle

Operations Manager, SmartShelters

DigitalArchitect gave us clarity like we’ve never seen before. By understanding the size of our online opportunity for each of our industry sectors, we were able to make better decisions on where to invest with confidence. There’s been no question around strategy since.

DigitalArchitect has given us a strategy to create more leads than we thought was possible… and led to the best ever sales results in our 106 year history!

Ash Collins

Managing Director, Tuff Stuff Australia

Growth Partners brings a lot of energy and passion to the table along with experience and smarts.

Moniek Haan

Digital Marketing Program Manager, Medtronic

Growth Partners has always been our reliable support in disclosing new insights we can use to improve our business’ online presence and messaging. Expect high quality data that could reveal the unexpected!

Colin Samson

CEO, Corporate Cabs

Growth Partners move at a fast pace and have quickly gained the trust of my team.

Len Day

Principal/Director, Austar Realty

I recently enlisted the services of Growth Partners. After a short brief, Steve and Keitha moved into planning and preparation mode and the product they composed was world class.

The delivery matched the product in every way. The sessions were run with sincerity, passion, and energy while keeping the complete attention of my staff throughout. As facilitators, you could not ask for better.

Steve and Keitha provided fantastic follow up which I have not experienced previously. In 30 years of owning the business, I have never had a more complete and effective service provided. I thoroughly recommend Growth Partners to anyone that has the desire to improve their business.

Colleen Fakalogotoa

Chief Executive, Family Success Matters

Mal of Growth Partners has been helping us design and test a pathway forward with a new service to the community. Mal has been focused, and developed the work to enable clear decision making from the board, come up with new ideas and timely advice. We have enjoyed working with Growth Partners.

Kiwi Simulators

You enlightened us to a new way of looking at our business, and provided us with new skills with which to advance its development.


Power Star Nutrition

It has been really great working with you guys, I have learnt a lot and so glad I did the programme. It has given me new inspirational and goals to work towards. I still have lots of work to do but I have a clear direction forward now and I don’t feel frustrated and lost in the business. Still working on improving the website and working on differentiators. I really understand now you have to keep the FB posts and adverts running all the time, and try different ads to see what works.

Ricky Jack

Co-founder, VYNE

Growth Partners have been instrumental in the support of developing a growth strategy for VYNE Digital. We were challenged by their courage to be open with us about what was working and what wasn’t in our business. The changes that we have implemented as a result of their strategy have stabilised our business and set us up for significant growth. Thank you to the team for all your work so far, a very valuable partnership for us.

Kelly Fairhurst

General Manager, HR Profiling Solutions

We noticed an almost immediate increase in leads. The amount of leads continued to increase, to the point of overwhelming our sales manager which enabled us to employ another team member in a sales support role. With the expertise from the Growth Partners team our leads are still increasing and becoming even more qualified. We are beyond ecstatic with the growth we have experienced.

Jason Dinan

Executive Coaching and Consulting

Mal and Keitha were truly amazing on the first part of this engagement and look forward to working with them in the future.


SEM/SEO Management Team

Growth Partners constantly looked for the next opportunity to improve our organic rankings across a range of verticals, often finding small, undiscovered issues & opportunities that made a significant impact.

Chris Loukakis

Strategic Director, AnalogFolk

We used Growth Partners on a project with one of the biggest brands in the world who are in almost every retail and commerce category. Sam and the Growth Partners team were able to complement our brand first approach to provide a data-led strategy which allowed us and our client to prioritise categories, define topics and create a robust content strategy.

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