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Why messaging not marketing should be the first response of businesses to lockdown

The unwelcome return of Covid-19 to our shores has seen New Zealand move back into lockdown, putting pressure on business owners and leaders as they struggle to maintain some semblance of business continuity. 

Lockdowns cast light on the digital preparedness of organisations in terms of their ability to reach and interact with potential customers. While a handful of businesses deemed essential can continue to trade at Level 4, the majority rely solely on their online presence to make any degree of impact in the market during this time.

For most business owners and leaders, a main response to these restrictions is to take a hard look at their marketing strategy with a view to stimulating interest and raising their organisation’s online profile. However Growth Partners, specialists in digital transformation and business growth strategies, would advise extreme caution around this approach.

Mal Jack, co-founder of Growth Partners, explains why. ‘When Covid hit last year, Growth Partners were keen to contribute our expertise to help businesses find a way through the crisis. Over the course of six months, Growth Partners helped upwards of ninety organisations to find solutions to lockdowns and the so-called “new normal”. While the majority stated marketing as the number one issue they wanted assistance with, in reality not a single one had developed a compelling message worth taking to the marketplace.’

In fact, data gathered from these ninety business continuity programmes highlighted two critical mistakes that would have made any marketing initiatives an expensive and pointless exercise:

  • Not one business could clearly define what made them different from their competitors, resulting in marketing messaging full of meaningless generalisations
  • None had a strong enough customer focus, causing a disconnect between them and the very people they were trying to attract

Mal continues, ‘An inability of a business to differentiate is a serious problem. Marketing messaging must be unique, clear and compelling – and it must resonate with your target audience. If it doesn’t, at best you will waste your money. At worst, you risk driving your potential customers straight to the arms of your competitors.’

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