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The potential for business growth is near infinite on the internet – you just have to get on Google’s good side. With our help, you will.

What is eCommerce SEO?

Google’s aim is to deliver the best results to its users for any given query. If a query is related to something you sell, you need to announce yourself as the best possible result. You need eCommerce search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO encompasses a number of tactics that make your online store more Google-friendly, which ensures you rank higher for relevant search terms.

Higher ranking > more visibility > more traffic > more sales.

For eCommerce retailers, simply ranking high is not enough – you need to do so for the right terms – the keywords potential customers are using through the AwarenessConsideration and Transaction phases of the buying journey.

Growth Partners’ approach to eCommerce SEO is comprehensive, data-driven and ultra-effective. We gain a deep understanding of your market, customers and competition, then use those insights to craft an eCommerce SEO strategy that will lead to real and significant growth.

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We drive growth across all eCommerce platforms

Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento; we’ve used them all.

No matter what your preferred eCommerce platform might be, we can use it to optimise your eCommerce store to drive more visitors, sales and revenue.

You bring the online store and we’ll bring the knowledge and expertise needed to get it ranking higher and making more money than ever before.

Ready to grow your eCommerce business?

With 250,000+ hours of combined expertise, we’ve helped businesses generate $100+ million in revenue. If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help.

The SEO opportunities others ignore

The buyer journey can be broken into three main stages: Awareness, Consideration and Transaction. It’s tempting to focus exclusively on the final transaction phase, as that’s when a customer is ready to buy.

But this is a mistake.

In order to maximise sales and growth, your eCommerce business should appear consistently throughout the buyer journey, building authority and trust with potential customers all the while.

Imagine a customer looking for a new barbecue. At the beginning of their search they might Google the following:

  • Types of barbecue
  • Gas vs charcoal bbq
  • Is a Weber worth it?
  • Bbq for small yard
  • Best bbq for brisket

These search terms are more likely to be used by people at the top of the sales funnel than the bottom. But they offer a fantastic opportunity to generate content that gets your business in front of people who have shown genuine interest in what you offer.

Create truly helpful, valuable content,and you put yourself in pole position to win the business when the prospect is ready to buy.

Our DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ provides the clarity you need to get in front of the right audience, at the right times, using the right terms, to get more sales and grow your business.

An example: It’s winter. Four homeowners are looking for heating solutions.

Customer A

Customer A knows very little about the heating industry. He begins by Googling ‘home heaters’. His research brings up panel heaters, tower heaters and more.

Where Most Websites Fail:

Only having one landing page for the broad range of products that your company offers. Websites that only have a “home heater” landing page but actually sell 10x different types of home heaters will not engage with customer A once he refines his research to target a more specific search around “tower heaters”. This is because Google will deem competitors, who have separate landing pages for each product type, as a more relevant and valuable option for users as they have built unique content and isolated a specific set of products that align with user intent. This prevents a sales opportunity.

Customer B

Customer B hears from a friend that an oil-filled heater is her best solution. She begins by Googling this term.

Where most websites fail:

Not ranking in the top three for searches with transactional intent. Most websites fail because they are not built to perform well in Google. This covers a range of topics: page speed, content optimisation, incorrect keyword targeting, a lack of eCommerce schema, etc.

Customer C

Customer C knows less than Customer A. He starts his journey by Googling ‘what is the best way to heat my home?’ He finds a wealth of educational content that dictates his journey.

Where most websites fail:

Focusing purely on the purchase stage and not creating educational and informative content. This strategy prevents engagement with Customer C. Competitors who do create this type of content will generate brand awareness, win the trust and ultimately win the business of this customer.

Customer D

Customer D knows she wants either an oil-filled or electric heater. She begins to compare the two options, Googling ‘oil heater vs electric heater’.

Where most websites fail:

Ignoring the consideration stage of the customer journey. If you sell one type of product but not a closely matched alternative, you need content that tells customers why they should buy your product. To achieve this a business needs to understand what users are searching for, the problem they are trying to solve, what and how they compare, and how product differences impact a purchase.

Our DigitalArchitect product provides you with clarity on all of the above.

Why is eCommerce SEO important?

Google is the gatekeeper of the internet: 90% of web traffic originates from search engines, and 90% of that comes from Google.

A lower Google ranking means less visibility, less visibility means fewer clicks, and fewer clicks means fewer sales.

Fewer than 10% of searches get to page two of Google, and a quarter of Google users have NEVER reached page two.

If your eCommerce website isn’t on page one of Google for relevant search terms, it might as well not exist.

The top result on Google gets around a third of all clicks, while number 2 gets 12.5%. Moving up a spot can potentially triple your revenue.

You don’t have to pay a cent to Google for the organic clicks generated by good eCommerce SEO.

Our eCommerce SEO services

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of making your eCommerce store as ‘Google-friendly’ as possible for strategically chosen keywords. This improves your search visibility by pushing you up the rankings. Increased visibility = increased traffic = increased sales.

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Keyword research

Our deep research uncovers how potential customers search for your products or services online, as well as their needs, desires and pain points at every stage of the customer journey.

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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We use A/B testing to identify the most effective advertising options, we use conversion tracking to measure results, and we significantly increase your advertising ROI.

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Content planning

Content planning is the quantitative and qualitative research that identifies popular topics, target audience interest levels, seasonal trends and more. We create and plan content that engages with users at peak times, guiding our efforts with carefully crafted buyer personas.

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WordPress SEO

The world’s most popular website building and hosting platform, WordPress, powers almost half of all sites. Our WordPress SEO strategies, built on DigitalArchitect, ensures you get ahead of all competitors who are using the same basic tools.

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Shopify SEO

Your Shopify store has the potential to attract more customers than any brick-and-mortar shopfront. We ensure you tap that potential by doing SEO better than other Shopify users, increasing your online visibility and stimulating incredible organic growth.

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While all modern businesses rely on search engines to drive sales, none are more reliant on Google than eCommerce companies. This is in part due to:

  • 90% of web traffic originating from search engines and more than nine out of ten search queries being processed by Google.
  • The top organic result enjoying approximately 33% of all clicks and the top two combined attracting almost half of all clicks.
  • Less than 10% of search queries extending to page two and 25% of all Google users never reaching page two. If your eCommerce website isn’t on the first page of Google, new customers won’t know you exist.

Rank highly for relevant keywords and your visitor and sales numbers can explode. Unfortunately the opposite is also true.

Additionally, not only does a high Google ranking result increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales, you won’t have to pay Google a cent. When done properly, the effects of eCommerce SEO can have rewarding long term benefits.

All in all, SEO is comfortably an ecommerce business’s most effective marketing tool

Spanning over multiple markets, we have a wealth of experience in delivering first class eCommerce SEO services. This includes experience with WordPress SEO, Magneto SEO, Bigcommerce SEO and Shopify SEO services.

It’s important to recognise that eCommerce SEO is an arms race – you’re in a constant battle with your competitors for top spot. If you treat SEO as a box to tick, using standard tools and techniques, you’ll inevitably be disappointed with the results.

At Growth Partners we do things differently. DigitalArchitect uses a combination of proprietary tools and techniques that are driven by data and are focused on growth. The strategies that come from DigitalArchitect can be used on any eCommerce platform and will ensure that your website is aligned with customer search behaviour. This means that your store will be visible to a broader range of customers actively looking for your product.

We even offer a three-year ROI projection that tells you exactly what you can expect from your investment in an eCommerce SEO strategy.

SEO is vital for any business with an eCommerce element: from online-only stores to brick-and-mortar retailers who also sell through their website.

At Growth Partners we drive results. While we’ve previously worked with the likes of Samsung, Apple and Qantas, we find it most rewarding to work with medium-sized, privately held businesses – those with turnover of $3M-$50M, who sell in B2B or high-price point B2C environments, and who are looking to generate multi-million dollar growth.

If you…

  • Feel confused or frustrated with your website and digital marketing.
  • Feel you aren’t reaching your online potential.
  • Are struggling to reach your growth objectives and are unsure how to meet them
  • Fear you are being overtaken by your competitors.
  • Aren’t sure what to invest in eCommerce SEO or how to invest it.

…we’re ready to help.

eCommerce SEO can be thought of as a subset of search engine optimisation (SEO) – the process of optimising your website and online presence in a way that pushes you up the organic search results for relevant keywords and queries.

The broader discipline of SEO demands a holistic approach made up of keyword strategy, content, backlinks, metadata and a wealth of other factors. eCommerce SEO uses similar tactics but in a more targeted way, looking at things like rich results, Google Shopping and terms like ‘buy’, ‘order’ and ‘purchase’.

If you run an online store, whether as a dedicated eCommerce business or a brick-and-mortar retailer that also sells through a website, you can make more sales by strategically improving your Google ranking.

This means that any business that sells goods and services on the internet stands to benefit from eCommerce SEO.

At Growth Partners we have helped a wide array of companies, from large multinationals to family-owned operations, to enhance their online presence. We combine deep eCommerce SEO experience with proprietary systems like DigitalArchitect to give your business a competitive edge.

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