How the A-C-T buyer’s journey aligns with your business growth

The buyer’s journey describes the steps that a customer takes before purchasing a product or service. This journey can be short, such as searching for the best café for breakfast, or long, such as the process of purchasing a new car.

But no matter the length of the customer buying journey, or the amount of time spent considering the purchase, it is almost always made up of the same three buyer stages.

By understanding those stages, you can implement strategies that encourage more potential customers to buy more of what you offer, buy it sooner, and come back for more.

What is the A-C-T buyer’s journey?

At Growth Partners we see the purchase process as three key buyer’s journey stages, which we neatly distil in the acronym ‘A-C-T’.

1. Awareness

Customers can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you. Your first challenge is to make your target audience aware of your brand and offerings. At Growth Partners we develop a blueprint for digital growth that reveals who your ideal customers are, and how best to get in front of them.

2. Consideration

It’s one thing to ensure your target audience is aware of your brand and offerings. It’s quite another to get those potential customers to choose you over a competitor.

During the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey we help you put forward a compelling case as to why the customer should choose you. Positioning you as a leader in your field also presents an opportunity to charge a more premium rate for your premium products and services. 

3. Transaction

The last of our sales journey stages represents the final hurdle: the customer is aware of your brand and offerings, they consider you to be the best option, and they simply need to make the purchase.

At Growth Partners we ensure that when the time comes to buy, the purchase process is simple, smooth and seamless, reducing cart abandonment and ideally turning new customers into return customers.

How a focus on the A-C-T buyer’s journey can grow your business

At Growth Partners we believe that by converting an abstract concept like the buyer’s journey into a set of clear and concise steps, you can enhance and optimise every part of the process, and ultimately drive meaningful, sustainable business growth.

Here are just a few of the ways that a focus on A-C-T can lead to business success.

Target and engage the right users

Who is your target audience? What does your ideal customer look like? If you are to successfully influence a buyer’s journey, you need to know who that buyer is.

At Growth Partners we take a data-driven approach to identifying your target audience – not only those who currently tend to buy from you but also unidentified demographics that may represent entirely new revenue streams.

Enhance brand visibility

In terms of brand awareness, the potential of the internet is incredible – you could reach almost all of your ideal customers through Google alone. But the internet pits every brand against every other brand in a fight for customer attention, so you need to play smart to win.

At Growth Partners we take a strategic approach to brand visibility. We work to understand your ideal customers, and how they search for your offerings online – they’ll often use very different language to you. Then we convert this knowledge into advertising and marketing materials that get you in front of the right people, more often.

Drive traffic with quality content

Our focus on the ‘Consideration’ phase of the buyer’s journey places a focus on creating quality content that frames your brand, product or service as the best option for the customer.

Quality content, such as relevant and compelling blogs and social media posts, helps to drive quality traffic – the sort that is more likely to convert and come back for more.

Improve lead generation

It’s not realistic to expect every website visitor to make a purchase. Most site visits are fact-finding missions – customers scoping out your brand and offerings to decide whether they’re interested.

So while a sale is great, a more realistic aim – and potentially just as valuable – is to capture leads. Having developed an understanding of your customers, we can create content that your website visitors will be happy to trade their details for.

Grow revenue

The ultimate goal of the A-C-T buyer’s journey is to make you more money. Our approach is designed:

  • to get you in front of the right audience;
  • to drive more web traffic, to convert more customers; 
  • to reduce abandoned carts; 
  • to encourage return business

The result is business growth in its most sustainable form. And the extra revenue these efforts generate can be reinvested into the approach, creating a positive feedback loop that only increases growth into the future. 

DigitalArchitect: a structured approach to A-C-T

At Growth Partners our approach to A-C-T is based on our DigitalArchitect System®, a blueprint for digital growth that combines data science with years of marketing expertise. 

DigitalArchitect is a proprietary, data-driven system designed to give us a deep understanding of your customers, your competitors and your market. It reveals who you should target and how you should target them. It uncovers market challenges and opportunities. It gives us all the information we need to understand each step of the buyer’s journey, and how to put your brand, products and services front-and-centre throughout.

DigitalArchitect also determines the strength of your business case for a digital marketing investment, including a three-year ROI projection.

If you’re ready to transform your business by crafting a more compelling and effective buyer’s journey, we’re ready to help. Get in touch for no-obligation chat and kickstart your growth journey today.


Jack Papworth

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