Unlock your organic visibility with an SEO audit

Could your website get more organic traffic?

The answer is yes. Therefore the question is not if you can get more traffic, but how… and that’s exactly what a Growth Partners SEO audit is designed to answer.

A new approach to SEO auditing

Understanding your online presence is the first step to improving your online presence. With 90% of consumers using the internet to find products and services, and with 90% of all search traffic directed through Google, perhaps the most important measure of all is how ‘Googleable’ your brand is.

Growth Partners’ DigitalArchitect SystemⓇ brings a combination of the most innovative and proven search engine optimisation (SEO) audit strategies and our own proprietary technologies to the table.

We use these tools and techniques to offer up a wealth of recommendations that will enhance your SEO performance. We’ll help you to understand how ‘Google-friendly’ your brand currently is, the opportunities that are within reach and any issues that may stand in your way.


Not #1 in search results? Get answers with our SEO audit

In order for your website to rank high on Google when your target audience types in relevant search terms, it needs to be designed, built and maintained in a search engine-friendly way – a process known as search engine optimisation (SEO).

An SEO audit is simply an evaluation of exactly how search engine-friendly your website currently is – an SEO health check. It tests your site’s ability to appear as a high-ranking search result for relevant keywords and phrases. There are a wealth of factors that contribute to where your site ranks. The website audit analyses each of them to identify any issues that need attention and opportunities that could be capitalised on.

At Growth Partners we take a data-driven, evidence-based approach to SEO audits. DigitalArchitect gets to the truth of your current SEO situation, then allows us to shape an effective SEO strategy to improve your performance.

Harvey Cottle

Operations Manager, SmartShelters

DigitalArchitect gave us clarity like we’ve never seen before. By understanding the size of our online opportunity for each of our industry sectors, we were able to make better decisions on where to invest with confidence. There’s been no question around strategy since.

DigitalArchitect has given us a strategy to create more leads than we thought was possible… and led to the best ever sales results in our 106 year history!

SmartShelters solution: 90% increase in revenue over 2 years.


SmartShelters – an innovative NZ shed/shelter manufacturer with a history stretching back 100+ years.


A lack of search engine presence for high volume, highly relevant terms, missing out on a vast amount of leads.


Our DigitalArchitect SEO audit gave a comprehensive view of SmartShelters’ online presence and insight into how their customers searched, which led to a full-scale website revamp, changing the website structure to creating content.


Established first and second position for major product terms. A 91% increase in organic visitors YoY and a 90% increase in sales revenue over two years.

Kelly Fairhurst

General Manager, HR Profiling Solutions

We noticed an almost immediate increase in leads. The amount of leads continued to increase, to the point of overwhelming our sales manager which enabled us to employ another team member in a sales support role. With the expertise from the Growth Partners team our leads are still increasing and becoming even more qualified. We are beyond ecstatic with the growth we have experienced.

HR Profiling Solutions: A 161% year-on-year increase in organic traffic.


HR Profiling Solutions – Australasia’s official distributor of Extended DISC and FinxS tools, which deliver the world’s most advanced workplace behavioural assessments.


No clear understanding of how their target market searched for products and what problems they wanted solved. Minimal visibility online and no landing pages targeting key terms in the Awareness and Consideration phases.


A full DigitalArchitect SEO audit identified the key issues and led to a three-month website redevelopment including architecture and content.


A 161% increase in organic visits YoY, now a 790% increase in total. Recorded its strongest ever month for lead generation while attracting higher quality customers.

The elements of a Growth Partners SEO audit

Competitive analysis

The online world is very different to the real world. Our competitive SEO analysis identifies your major web competitors and compares your online presence to theirs. You may be surprised at who takes the most traffic away from you. We’ll identify who dominates the organic market, the product categories competitors excel in and weaknesses that we can exploit.

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Keyword research

Our deep research uncovers how potential customers search for your products or services online, as well as their needs, desires and pain points at every stage of the customer journey.

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Content gap analysis

Answer the questions that your customers are asking to become the provider of choice. We’ll identify and fill content gaps throughout the Awareness, Consideration and Transaction phases.

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Off-page analysis

If trustworthy, relevant and authoritative sites are linking to you, you’re probably trustworthy, relevant and authoritative too. We use white-hat tactics to systematically acquire these all-important ‘backlinks’.

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On-page analysis

Our audit identifies new opportunities to create/restructure landing pages within your website to maximise reach. Its asks, does your website paint a full picture of the breadth and depth of the products and services you offer? Are there opportunities to offer valuable information to your audience. Are you using the right keywords to align with customer search behaviour?

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Technical analysis

Our analysis measures how search engine-friendly & structurally sound your site is:

  • How well is your website organised?
  • Can search engines easily pull information from your most important pages?
  • Is your website fast and mobile-friendly?
  • Are users bouncing off particular pages for unknown reasons?
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The Growth Partners difference

Why choose Growth Partners for your SEO audit? Because of our uniquely effective, data-driven approach:

  • Deep and meaningful: Where most agencies audit with a basic yes/no checklist, we use hard numbers to deliver analysis with real depth.
  • A clearer customer view: We are unique in using multiple keyword research sources. This means we can paint a far more accurate picture of customer behaviour, from personas to intent.
  • Prioritising impact: Our tech audits consider impact versus effort. This ensures we focus your roadmap on the most effective strategies with the greatest ROI.
  • Quick wins: We prioritise quick wins that make real impact, then tackle the deeper issues.

Our SEO audits and subsequent strategy development have proven incredibly successful for a wide range of clients across industries, with many seeing double digit growth within just six months.


SEO audits are important because search engines are important. Customers looking for a product or service automatically turn to Google, which commands a search engine market share of well over 90%.

Almost 10 billion Google searches are performed every day. Up to 95% of that web traffic goes to the sites that earn their place on the first page of Google, with the vast majority of clicks going to the handful of results listed at the very top.

SEO sees you and your competitors fight for this enormous audience. If you think of a website as a digital storefront, the difference between page one and page two (or lower) is the difference between prime high street real estate and a quiet, dimly lit alley.

If your website isn’t found at the top of page one, you need to know why. A DigitalArchitect SEO audit will tell you.


SEO success is difficult to achieve. Not only are you in an arms race with the rest of the internet, Google and other search engines keep their algorithm – the recipe for search engine success – a closely guarded secret.

There are a wealth of elements at play and factors to consider, so it’s wise to partner with an expert team like Growth Partners if you are serious about SEO success.

You also need to be patient. SEO is a long-term strategy. It’s about forming a foundation through a DigitalArchitect website audit and building upon it. Once results start to accumulate they also accelerate, which can lead to exponential growth when done correctly.

SEO audit timeframes vary based on a number of factors; what we have been asked to audit (comprehensive, technical or website content audit), the size and complexity of the site, the depth of issues, any manual or algorithmic penalties and more.

We have audited everything from small brick and mortar businesses with 20 page websites through to large multinationals with almost one million pages. Understandably the time these audits took varied greatly. But as an average, comprehensive SEO audits typically take around four to five weeks.

This is another question that can be difficult to answer, given the range of audits that we conduct. It will depend on:

  • The size of the site
  • The type of issues/errors
  • The severity of these issues/errors
  • How quickly a solution can be implemented
  • What is being implemented
  • How much competition the business faces
  • How strong these competitors are
  • Existing authority and trust.

As a general rule, fixing multiple high priority issues can have an impact in a short to mid-term – think months rather than days – but the real value is generally seen further down the line, within three to six months. It’s important to note that SEO is a long-term tactic that doesn’t deliver instant results, but instead offers incredible long-term pay-offs.

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